Vision of

Vision of

Vision of

Vision of

Quality, Integrity and Affordability

Design and build

Anka BC can handle any size of project you may have from start to finish. Below are the steps to “Design-Build” option;

  • * Find the right Real Estate Property for your need,
  • * Award Architectural & Engineering Firm,
  • * Get the specifications and blue prints completed,
  • * Apply for Permit,
  • * Get the construction done,
  • * Finish the job with an Occupancy.

General construction

Anka Builders & Construction will provide you a free estimates on any size of project you may have. We understand that no matter what the size of the construction is, the customer wants the best for the money he or she is spending for the construction.

Project management

We realize that the construction can be very confusing and stressful. If you already have a contractor but you need someone to be your eyes and ears during the construction process, we can take the reins for you.
Anka Builders & Construction can do the design for you or if you have a design in your mind, we can bring our team of architects and contractors to do your project. We will make sure you are getting all the work completed according the specification and drawings. Our professional team, superintendents and project managers, will get your project done for you in a timely fashion in your budget.

About Us

The president of Anka Builders & Construction, Mr.Coban, has been in the construction industry for almost 20 years. He worked as a structural inspector, estimator, material supplier and as a project manager. Mr.Coban is also a registered Professional Engineer. With all the experience he has, he has opened Anka Builders & Construction with the vision of Quality”, “Integrity” and “Affordability”. In his portfolio, he has built more than 500,000 square feet of construction area including schools, hospitals, homes, gymnasiums and retail shops.

No matter what the size of your project is, or what the type of your project is we are there to help you to get it done. We believe the most important thing is your satisfaction, so we will work with you thru the construction and you will have a finish space with smile on your face.